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Welcome to Energy & Insight

Energy & Insight is run by Emma G Deyn, a holistic practioner based in the Lancaster and South Lakes area.

Emma uses a combination of Kinesiology, and Crystal therapy in her work, to gently remove blockages, imbalances, and increase energy flow throughout the body, enabling the body to repair itself, in a permanent and sustainable way.

A strong emphasis is also placed on self knowledge and awareness, to help people understand the process of  the work, and how they have arrived at this place in their lives, and how they can sustain true well being.

Kinesiology is the sensitive technique of muscle testing, where a practioner uses a muscle of the body, to tune into a clients energy system, and uses verbal questioning to pinpoint where energy imbalances occur and what work is most relevant in order for repair to take place.

Crystal Therapy is the use of one or more crystals, being placed on or around the body in order to bring in sustainable change into a living energy system. Crystals are a solid state of energy and when they are introduced to the energy of a living being, that solid state energy is transferred onto the living being. So instead of our energies being scattered and out of balance, crystals bring in balance and harmony. Showing us how to be.


If you have any questions or would like to book a session you can contact Emma directly on: 01524 792928 / Mobile 07941188773.


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News and Events

October 2016

I am currently training in Lomi Lomi massage. For more information about sessions in Holistic massage please contact me.

I am also training in the Bars technique, and I will be incorporating it in my session work.